San Diego, CA


Europeans first anchored in San Diego Bay in 1542. However, it wasn’t until 1769 that the San Diego area began to be developed by the Spanish. Annexed from Mexico in 1846, San Diego then started to grow into a thriving naval base, hub of industry, and infusion of quintessentially American and Mexican culture.

Must-See Family-Friendly San Diego Attractions

San Diego, today, is a stunning cosmopolitan city set on Southern California’s Pacific Coast. The city benefits from a temperate year-round climate. Even better, the city is home to stunning beaches, coves, and eco-tourism opportunities. In winter, these include magical whale and dolphin sightseeing tours which disembark daily from Harbor Island Drive and San Diego’s Quivira Basin.

Fun Things to do in San Diego City

Home to a light rail system referred to locally as the ‘San Diego Trolley,’ hop-on hop-off trolley tours circle main city attractions on a daily basis. Other top city attractions include the famous San Diego Zoo and USS Midway maritime museum. Coastal boat cruises also embark daily, allowing families and city visitors, to benefit from stunning city panoramas from the vantage point of San Diego Bay.

Things to do in San Diego for Outdoor Lovers

Famed for beautiful natural surrounds, San Diego is also home to an abundance of family-friendly outdoor activities. From La Jolla Sea Cave Kayak tours to coastal cycling tours, families and friends can easily escape the bustle of the city, in favor of adventures around miles of stunning coastline.

For more relaxed excursions, visitors can also visit majestic sights such as Windansea Beach. Known locally as a surfers paradise, Windansea Beach is also the place in San Diego to surf, paddleboard, and watch stunning sunrises.

Cultural San Diego Attractions

San Diego is a vibrant multicultural city with proud Mexican roots. Local food and market tours are, therefore, a fantastic way to sample some on America’s finest Mexican dining. Moreover, day tours can be taken across the Mexican border into Tijuana, to add a fantastic extra dimension to family city breaks.


San Diego Dangers

San Diego prides itself on being a relatively safe city. However, just like with any urban center in America, visitors do need to watch out for pickpockets and petty thieves.

It is also worth avoiding discussions with people asking to sign petitions or hawk services on the street side. In many cases, such people will be seasoned scam artists with an agenda which is certainly not in your interest. Meanwhile, when visiting San Diego beaches, tourists must stay vigilant regarding rip tides and only engage in watersports in approved locations.

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