Moers, Germany


During the summer of 2019, me and my two sons decided to take a European vacation. We ended up traveling for 26 days to a total of seven countries and over 17,000 miles. Day two through five were spent in Moers, Germany and the surrounding area of the western bank of the Rhine. The closest airport was in Dusseldorf, Germany. The airport is very clean and easy to navigate with signs in English.


Where we stayed

We were lucky that I have friends that live and have a home in Moers. So, they were very great hosts and allowed us to stay in their home with them. I didn’t see too many hotels or resorts in the area, but my best guess is that there probably were some. The weather was very comfortable and air conditioning wasn’t really necessary except when we traveled in the car.

What we did

One of the first things we did was go to a German grocery store. This is a unique experience because prices, floor plan, and environment were very different than in the US. Germans very much like candy and every grocery store seems to have an amazing selection of it. We enjoyed many home-cooked meals from my friends and had a few evenings out at their favorite restaurants – one of which was Centro Doner. We went to Neukirchen-Vluyn to climb (via hundreds of stairs) Halde Norddeutschland to the top of a man-made mountain. We ventured to a city called Essen where much of Germany’s steel was manufactured during, before and after the war. We spent a day in Dinslaken at Kartarena go-carting and traveled through Duisburg to take a ferry for a short cut back to the house. The trip wasn’t complete without stepping foot into the neighboring Netherlands city of Venlo; where we tried curry fries (which are not very good) and got to experience their grocery stores and view public art displays.

Mobile phone service

Since there were three of us, I rented at MiFi device through so we could all have data service. I know that from a technical perspective when a phone is connected to WiFi, most apps think the data is fair-game and will use an unlimited amount of data, so I installed an app called NetGuard. This app installs a firewall and will only allow certain app access to the internet when connected to the MiFi device. Then, once we are on unlimited WiFi at the hotel, the other apps can download and do whatever updates they want. With the NetGuard app, we all stayed under the 10GBs of data I purchased. For telephone service, I used my Google Voice account to place calls – calls to the US are free and calls to most of the places we traveled were under five-cents per minute. The calls worked flawlessly while on most hotel wifis and worked reasonably well when connected to the MiFi box.

How did we feel about Moers?

I very much enjoyed my stay in Moers and so did the boys. It was awesome having great friends to guide us around and help us experience Germany like locals. Germany takes bike lanes very serious and typically bikes have the right of way – even over pedestrians. One big difference (which this may change in the future), is that German retailers are obsessed with getting signatures on even the smallest credit card purchases. Unlike many other places we visit in Europe, Moers was clean and mostly free from graffiti. It seemed that the residents took pride in having a nice city and were welcoming towards American tourists.

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